ShakeG8 – Bicycle Caravan against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007

Poznan shaked – not stirred
May 8, 2007, 8:46 pm
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Yesterday the 7/5/07, at approximately 5 o’clock pm the ShakeG8-Bikecaravan shook the “Stary Browar” Shopping-Mall of Poznan – Poland.

the only good system is a soundsystem

The mall, belonging to Mr. Kulczyk, one of the richest men in Poland, was built in 2003, despite protests against its location on a public park. So it was an ideal place to protest against privatisation of public space, and the perfect way to connect our G8-Protests with the struggles of the local population.

On bicyles, in fancy dress and with a mobile Sound System blasting out loud circus music, 15 people cycled araound the center of the shopping mall. The shops were layed out in a ring, allowing them to cycle in a large circle, causing much chaos.

During the cycling a seperate “banner-team” dropped a huge banner from a balcony on the first floor, on which was written: “Kapitalizm kradnie przestrzen publiczna” – “Capitalism steals public space”. They also dropped a lot of handmade confetti, and 200 flyers about the caravan, which gave information both about the G8 and the about the privatisation of public space. The flyer and confetti fluttered down to the hands of the shoppers below. The squatters of Rozbrat, who came to watch the demonstration, also must be given a big thankyou for helping hand out some of the flyers that landed on the floor.

The securitys seemed overwhelmed, even partly amused, and did nothing to stop the activists. After 5 minutes the music stopped and all cyclist@s quickly left the building, without any problems. Thanks to a highly intelligent security guard, even the banner was collected and so can be used again.

The next big action of the ShakeG8-caravan takes place on the 16/5/07 in Krajnik Dolny / Schwedt, where they cross the polish-german border. They need as much support as they can get, so come to Krajnik Dolny / Schwedt on 16/5/07 all glamed up and in high spirits – let’s dance down the border!

Watch a nice little video of the action here

Follow this link to get more information about the no-border-action in Schwedt


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