ShakeG8 – Bicycle Caravan against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007

Bratislava (sk), April 9th – 12th
April 9, 2007, 2:36 pm
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Highly motivated by a visit to an original “Lenin-Stalin” bar on the way to Bratislavlenina, we entered the city with a nice “dress-up and ring your bell” bike-party-caravan. A lot of people were waving and, due to our funny costumes, no car dared kick us from the street on our way to the anarchist info-shop.

The next day we re-organised and improved the trailer and enjoyed the comfort of a hot shower. In the evening we presented the bicycle caravan and discussed the ideas behind it with the local people. Afterwards, a lot of people came to have a cool party with a local sound system and fireshows.

On Wednesday afternoon some of the group went to a marginalised area of Bratislava and played with the children there whilst others joined an anti-G8 presentation with following discussion.

After the G8 info-event we offered workshops on different topics, for example, how to make paint bombs and how to make gold out of garbage. This was followed by a ska party.

On the two evenings about 50 people visited the anarchist info shop, a place many of them had never been before.

Hopefully our actions have helped support local struggles and make the info shop, which is situated in the outskirts of the city, more popular.


Budapest (hu), April 5th – 6th
April 5, 2007, 2:24 pm
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The meeting point with some local activist was planned for 1PM. Due to the fact that there were no technical problems on the road, the group reached budapest too early. This gave some extra time to taste ´Langosh`, a Hungarian kind of special bread made out of fried yeast-dough with garlic.Soon it was time for the theater. Some people dressed up as rich people, as poor people and as security guards. The play allowed only the rich people to enter a certain area which was inclosed. The poor people tried also to enter the area, but they were rejected by the guards. After some minutes of playing, just as they play was ending, the real police arrived at the scene. They took the personal detailes of one of the local participants and asked the group to leave the area. For this they needed at least 10minutes. In this time the group would have already departed. After the play, it was getting late and people were a bit exhausted. So we camped on an island in the river Danube, next to the centre of Budapest.

Gödöllö (hu), April 1st – 5th
April 1, 2007, 2:15 pm
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A group of around 20 cyclists from different countries grew up in the east from Budapest. To be more precise at an organic farm next to a village called Gödöllö, where Sissi the famous Habsburgian Princesse once lived.Most of the people did not know each other before they met at the farm, but nevertheless there were some preparations to be done.The group started to talk about their aims for the caravan and planned some short theatre to be played in the pedestrian zone of budapest. There was also little time to jump into the cold lake next to the Farm.

Soon it was time to leave Gödöllö. During the early hours of April 5 we cleaned up and put everything inside the trailer of the tractor. At around 10 AM the group started towards the meeting point in Budapest.